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The Heart Behind Red River Gorge Treehouses

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

Discover the captivating history and purpose behind Elevate Cabins as we take you on a journey into our backstory.

As the gentle rustle of leaves greets my ears, it sets in motion a symphony of nature, setting the perfect tone for the day that lies ahead. Emerging from my slumber in a hammock nestled high amidst the treetops with my closest friends, I am greeted by the sun's warm radiant rays piercing through the lush canopy of trees, casting a radiant golden glow upon the forest floor below. Today, I find myself celebrating my bachelor's party, seeking solace in a place that holds profound significance in my heart, reminding me of my past and providing a sense of peace. In the crisp morning air, as I sway gently in the hammock, preparing to descend and ignite a fire, I reflect upon the profound beauty of this moment. It occurs to me that if only more individuals could share in this experience, they too could experience this overwhelming peace.

In the heart of this wilderness stands more than just a wooden structure; it embodies a dream fulfilled, a memory carefully crafted. Welcome to the Red River Gorge Treehouses, where each beam and board shares a tale, every corner exudes love, and every moment spent brings us closer to nature and each other.

A Dream Conceived

At the core of this enchanting treehouse rental endeavor are three families, united not only by blood but also by a shared dream and a passion that runs as deep as the roots of the trees they build upon. Jay and Pam Moon planted the first seeds of this idea in 2016. Their son, Joshua, discovered his soulmate in Madison – the lovely daughter of Tom and Allison Mitchell – adding even more warmth to this vision as they too held cherished memories in the Red River Gorge. Tom and Allison Mitchell soon invested as one of the original partners. Jeremy and Emily Moon, fueled by their sense of adventure and love for the wilderness, soon joined after the completion of the third treehouse, known as Lions Lair.

In the cozy confines of a small-town coffee shop in Wilmore is where these families converged over steaming cups of coffee and heartfelt conversations. Across numerous such meetings, amidst the brew and the soft hum of rich conversations, the blueprint of the Red River Gorge Treehouses took shape. Their collective memories of joyous times spent in the embrace of the Red River Gorge fueled their passion for giving others the chance to experience this. More than a business, it was a mission - to rekindle and strengthen bonds, reminding every visitor of the pure, unadulterated joy of togetherness amidst nature.

Partners of the Elevate Treehouse business sitting around a table in a meeting, planning for the future of Red River Gorge Treehouse.
Elevate Treehouse partners engaged in a collaborative meeting.

More Than Just Wood and Nails

Nestled in the lush embrace of the Red River Gorge Forest, each treehouse is a testament to the families' meticulous attention to detail and unwavering commitment to providing an unforgettable guest experience. Each partner was responsible for carefully designing and overseeing a treehouse's construction. The "Eagles Nest," the original treehouse, soars 18 feet above the ground, offering a cozy 'Nest' for stargazing, while a grand outdoor stone fireplace provides warmth and a setting for meaningful conversations that foster deeper connections. The "Kentucky Breeze" seamlessly combines indoor comfort with outdoor grandeur, boasting a magnificent 15-foot glass garage door that caters especially to families. With its deck gracefully overlooking the forest and ambient lighting, the "Lions Lair" exudes a serene sense of luxury. Lastly, the "Serene Ravine," the largest of them all, offers unparalleled luxury amidst nature, featuring private, separated bedrooms and an exquisite tiled shower.

But it isn't just the grandeur and luxury that these structures promise; it's the stories waiting to be made, the laughter waiting to echo off the walls, and the memories waiting to be etched into the very woodwork. Each treehouse, with its unique design and amenities, promises a stay and an experience that resonates with the ethos of the families who brought them to life.

The Heart of the Business: Creating Memories

Beyond the architectural marvel and beauty of each treehouse, the ethos of the Red River Gorge Treehouses is deeply rooted in the idea of reconnection. In an era dominated by digital screens and relentless schedules, these treehouses stand as an oasis, an invitation to disconnect from the mundane and reconnect with the essential. Whether it's an anniversary couple seeking a magical escape from reality, a family yearning for some quality time amidst the whispers of nature, or friends looking to reminisce and create new memories, there's a space tailored for each story. The proximity to the national forest trails, like the mesmerizing Grey’s Arch or the historic Daniel Boone's Hut trail, ensures adventure is always just a stone's throw away. As dawn turns to dusk, guests can find themselves lost in the harmonious symphony of the trickling stream or the ethereal dance of fireflies against the starlit sky.

Jay, Pam, Jeremy, Emily, Tom, Allison, Joshua, and Madison's shared vision was never just about offering a night in a treehouse; it was about crafting moments, weaving stories, and touching lives.

Through the rustling leaves, chirping birds, and the soothing embrace of nature, the true essence of Red River Gorge Treehouses is realized - a heartwarming reminder of life's simplest yet profound treasures, the moments we have with one another.


In conclusion, the Red River Gorge Treehouses transcend the notion of mere lodgings nestled among trees. They are the embodiment of dreams, meticulously crafted with love, passion, and a profound reverence for nature. Each treehouse, blending luxury with the raw beauty of the surroundings, beckons guests not only to witness but to truly immerse themselves in the captivating splendor and tranquility of the Red River Gorge.

A vacation here is more than just nights spent under a starlit canopy or days exploring enigmatic trails. It's about those intangible moments of connection, laughter, and self-discovery. What makes this experience even more extraordinary is the personal touch of the hosts. The Elevate team warmly engages with their guests, sharing heartwarming tales of the Red River Gorge, offering expert advice on the best trails to explore, and ensuring that every need is met, no matter how small.

So, if you seek an experience beyond a mere vacation, yearn to live a dream, absorb captivating stories, and carry cherished memories home, come and immerse yourself in the enchantment of Red River Gorge Treehouses. Booking a stay here is not just reserving accommodation; it's etching a profound chapter in the story of your life.

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