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Picture of the Red River Gorge Elevate Cabins Business Partners

Get to Know Us!

Red River Gorge Treehouses is a family-owned and operated unique treehouse rental business located on private land in Kentucky's Daniel Boone National Forest area. Founded in 2016 by the Moon and Mitchell family, who all shared fond memories of time spent in the Red River Gorge, the company was started with the mission of allowing others to experience the peace, beauty, and human connection that the area provides.

Each of the four elegantly designed treehouses combines comfort and luxury with the magnificent natural surroundings and national trailheads being within walking distance. With touches like handmade stone outdoor fireplaces, large glass garage doors, and private bedrooms, the treehouses aim to facilitate quality time for couples, families, anniversaries, and groups of friends. Proximity to hiking trails and stargazing spots enhances the immersive nature experience.


At its core, Red River Gorge Treehouses is about crafting unforgettable moments, strengthening bonds, and reconnecting with nature and loved ones. We lovingly engage with our guests, share stories, provide local expertise, and ensure every need is met during your stay. More than just lodging, staying at the treehouses is about making memories to cherish for a lifetime! 

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